KF fiber verktøykit Key-Tool-Kit

Fiberpreparering, sett i nylonbag

Alt. varenr: FM-FOA-KTK-BAG
Key-Tool-Kit® Universal Install Kit, Metal Case

KeyQuick® Field Installable Connectors, KeyQuick® Mechanical Splice and Key-Tool-Kits Field Installable Kits, fully designed thinking on the needs of the network installers. Latest easy-to-use-technology, without expensive specific tools, to opern the market to "everyone" who want to install fibre without having large experience in fibre optics. Essential and basic installation tool kits needed for quick field terminations to terminate single fibres. Premium Kits includes a KeyCleave® CLU10 High-Precission Universal Fiber Cleaver, basic installation tools for fibre preparation, a Visual Fault Locator with SC UPC patchcord and sleeve. KeyFibre Universal Install Kits are an ideal solution, either for outside plant or inside a building.
Key-Tool-Kit® Solutions are presented in two different formats:
- FM-FOA-KTK-MCS, a strong carrying metal case with table surface integrated and organized foam interior
- FM-FOA-KTK-BAG, a very handy nylon bag to keep tools organized.
All of them containing KeyQuick® Installation Guide IG-201112-1-EN, and KeyFibre Recommended Assembly Procedures Videos (KFRAP) TV-201112-1-EN
For Kit Contents additional information, please refer to the ´individual product´ section, and ´downloads´.
IMPORTANT: Please read and understand KeyFibre procedures completely before starting a KeyQuick® assembly. Insertion Loss values are given and guaranteed for installation with Key-Tool-Kit® Universal Install Kits, and assembled following KeyFibre Recommended Assembly Procedures (KFRAP). Individual KeyQuick® Installation tools and field test equipments are available for ordering. Please contact KeyFibre Network Components, S.L.U. Customer Service salesadmin@keyfibre.com  or your local Distributor for more information, and please refer to KeyFibre Ordering Codes.
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